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Q: What is a doula?

A: A doula is a trained professional who supports families, especially during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Q: What does a doula do?

A: Before the birth, I work with expectant parents to prepare for birth through education, the practice of comfort measures, etc. During the birth, I provide physical comfort (massage, hot and/or cold therapy, etc) and guide your partner in the best ways to support you. After the birth, I help initiate breast/chestfeeding and will provide you with at least one in-home postpartum visit.

Q: Why should I hire a doula?

A: Having a doula support your birth is proven to decrease preterm birth rates and the risk of an unplanned C-section while increasing the likelihood of a positive birth experience.

Q: Who should hire a doula?

A: Everyone! No matter if you are planning a medicated hospital birth, are scheduled for C-section, or desire an unmedicated home birth (attended by a certified midwife, of course!), I can help you prepare for the birthing experience that's right for you.

Q: Are consultations done in person?

A: Yes. I also offer the option of a phone consultation.

Q: How do I apply for a reduced rate for my birth services?

A: When filling out the "Contact the Doula" form, simply mention in the message that you would like to apply and I will send you an application via email.

Q: Do you host any classes or special events?

A: In-person group childbirth education classes are in the works, as well as a monthly community meet-up for expectant parents to have the opportunity to connect with each other and with childbirth professionals.

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